Questions you've always wanted to ask about baby showers but never had the courage to ask.

Questions you've always wanted to ask about baby showers but never had the courage to ask.

The idea behind having a baby shower is simple enough: it gives friends, family members and co-workers a chance to show off their love for the soon-to-be parents and celebrate the upcoming arrival of a brand-new member of the family. There are lots of ways to throw a successful party, but there are some things you should never do at a baby shower. Here are the best and worst things you could possibly do at a baby shower and why. 

Who should host the baby shower? 

If you’re having trouble finding a place to hold your baby shower, you’re not alone. Many couples decide to host their own because they want to avoid making awkward small talk with strangers, they prefer to plan everything themselves, or they just want to make sure there aren’t too many people involved. But what about those situations where you know you won’t be able to find anyone willing to host the event? 

There are many different ways to hold a baby shower—you can invite guests to come to your home, have a small gathering at a restaurant, or even throw a surprise party. But what do you do if no one wants to host? We asked our Facebook fans about how they celebrate the arrival of their babies. Here are some of their responses: 

"We hosted a baby shower/baptism ceremony for my daughter. I wanted to give her a special day where everyone could help us celebrate her birth." —Karen L., via Facebook 

"I had a traditional baby shower with my mum and sister, but since I'm having a boy, I threw him a surprise party!" —Liz M., via Facebook 

"My husband and I hosted a surprise baby shower for our son. I didn't tell anyone we were doing it because I wanted it to feel like a real wedding. Our closest friends came together and surprised me." —Catherine S., via Facebook 

"Our baby shower was held in our backyard with just our immediate families and friends. It was such a fun way to celebrate being pregnant with our second child." —Amy B., via Facebook 

"The best part of having a baby shower is getting to meet all of your future baby's relatives. My cousin threw a baby shower for me and my husband. She invited all of our extended family and got everyone excited about meeting our newest addition." —Kristen G., via Facebook 

"A few months ago, my boyfriend and I decided to throw a surprise baby shower for his brother. He told everyone he was having a birthday party, but we knew better. Everyone thought it was hilarious." —Jessica D., via Facebook 

Do you have a baby shower for your second child? 

If you’re planning on celebrating the arrival of your second baby, you might think twice about throwing a traditional baby shower. You don’t necessarily need to throw a shower at all, but if you do, there are some things to keep in mind. For example, if you’ve had one child already, you probably won’t need a ton of new baby gear. Instead, consider opting for a baby sprinkle, where you celebrate the birth of your baby without actually giving her anything. 

A baby sprinkle can still have fun themes, games and food just as much as a traditional baby shower, or it could be low key. However, if you choose to host a baby sprinkle, you’ll definitely want to stick to the following guidelines: 

- Make sure your baby gear isn’t expired. 

- Consider having a smaller guest list. 

- Have a theme. 

- Keep the gift registry short. 

- Be creative. 

- Choose gifts that will fit into your budget. 

Check out some more baby sprinkle ideas here 

Adoption Baby Showers 

Adoption parties are becoming increasingly popular among parents-to-be. They offer a chance to welcome the newest member of the family with friends and loved ones while celebrating the big day. But what about those couples who aren't ready to start families just yet? Can they still throw a party? 

Absolutely! While it's true that many people think of showers as strictly for women, there are plenty of ways to incorporate men into the festivities.  

Is it rude to have a baby register?  

Etiquette experts say that particularly expensive items (a pram etc.) should be left off the registries and purchased only by close relatives. However, if you are comfortable with a not-so-close relative or friend buying you something pricey, then there’s no reason why you can’t put it on your registry. Some guests may even choose to purchase a costly item as a gift for others in the party. If you do decide to include such an item on your registry, make sure you tell your friends and family members about it ahead of time. They might feel like they’re being forced into giving you something expensive, but if you really want it, ask for what you want.  

When you register for a baby registry, you're not only registering for the products you'll use during pregnancy, but also for any baby furniture and other necessities you may need later. If you know you won't be able to afford everything right away, make sure to include inexpensive items on your registry so that you can save up for more expensive purchases down the road.  

Can I ask for a gift card registry? 

Absolutely, another option is trequest gift cards for the things you need. In fact, some people prefer gift cards because it is a quick and easy gift, rather than guessing what someone will need or like. Gift card registries aren't limited to just baby gear; you can register for anything from Baby Bunting, Kmart or even baby clothing stores. 

Baby Bunting -

Who should pay for the baby shower? 

If you are planning a baby shower for someone else, chances are you don't want to pay for it yourself. But what about those friends and family members who aren't able to contribute financially? What do you do when you're expecting gifts, but no money is coming in? 

The answer depends on whether the party is being held at home or out somewhere. If you plan to hold the event at home, most likely the host will foot the bill. However, if the party is taking place outside, the guest of honor usually covers the costs. 

What about baby shower games? 

Even though baby shower games can be fun, there are some cheesy ones out there. If you're looking for something fun to play, make sure the mum to be is okay with it and don't go overboard. 

Some inspiration is available here 

A virtual baby shower

If you're planning a virtual party for a friend who has just had a child, then a virtual party is an excellent option. Since it's not in your own home, the guest list becomes much more flexible.

WebBabyShower is the perfect platform to host a virtual baby shower

Hints and tips for hosting a baby shower

Baby showers are fun events filled with food, drinks, games, gifts, and lots of love! They're also expensive, so planning ahead is key. Here are some tips to make sure your baby shower goes smoothly:

1. Choose a Date Early

Planning a baby shower early gives you plenty of time to find the perfect venue, invite guests, order favors, and plan activities. Plus, you'll have more time to save money on decorations and catering.

2. Pick a Place Close to Home

You may want to hold the shower near home so that everyone can attend easily. However, if you choose a location far away, you'll likely spend more money on travel costs.

3. Invite Guests Early

Inviting guests early allows you to give them ample notice of the event date and time. This lets them RSVP and plan accordingly.

4. Order Favors Ahead of Time

Ordering favors early ensures that you won't run out before the big day.

5. Plan Activities Beforehand

Activities like gift wrapping, decorating cakes, and setting tables are best done well in advance.

6. Save Money on Decorations

Decorations aren't cheap, but you can still save money by shopping around for deals. For instance, you can buy tablecloths and napkins in bulk and cut back on individual purchases.

7. Consider Catering Options

Catering options vary depending on the size of your party. Small parties usually opt for buffet style catered meals, while large groups tend to go with sit-down dinners.

8. Create a Budget

Set you limits early on so you can manage your expectations. 



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