Let me take client or employee gifting off your hands. After all, who doesn't want effortless gifting?

I can help you improve your employee loyalty, build a strong team culture within your business, or help you grow a strong business following in todays competitive workplace. Sending a small thank you gift to your previous clients also serves as a reminder of your impeccable services. Additionally, it shows you remember and care about their little bundles of joy.

Hillside Hampers not only specialize in all things baby, but we cater to businesses who want to guarantee repeat customers. What sets us apart from other online baby sites, however, is that we offer businesses a custom service that allows you to send beautiful milestone gift at the birth of a child, first birthday or just a little thank you gift. Let me keep track of the dates for you and ship your gifts accordingly. It's as easy as ordering from our website for an immediate shipment, or select a customised option for your effortless gifting experience that caters for your budget, gift selection and required shipment dates, then sitting back to receive happy client thank you emails over the coming year.

I also, of course, include a gift card. You can either pen it yourself or you can rely on my own skills to write the perfect customised note including the mother and baby's names, etc.

Hillside Hampers is a sure-fire way for you to retain your current clients and, more often than not, receive new business due to word of mouth. Please give us a try!

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