Welcome to the World: 3 Ideas for the Best Baby Shower Gifts

Welcome to the World: 3 Ideas for the Best Baby Shower Gifts

Need some ideas for baby shower gifts? You're in luck: we've listed the 3 absolute best ideas in the following guide.

And (sorry to spoil the surprise) the best thing you can do for the mother-to-be is to get her an assortment of items according to a particular theme. As for why that is, how to do it, and what the best options are, you'll have to keep reading for that.

In addition, this guide gives you vital tips on how to go about choosing/shopping for baby shower gifts. To learn all you need to know about baby shower gifting, read on.

General Tips For Choosing Baby Shower Gifts

Before we share with you our baby gift ideas, there's a couple of important tips you need to know. First, always use the buddy system when shopping for baby shower gifts. In fact, if possible, collaborate with all the shower guests and decide together what to get.

But even partnering with just one other guest will reduce the likelihood of duplicate gifts. It would be sad if every guest brought a box of nappies and nothing else.

For this same reason, do not deviate from the gift registry. However, it's okay to get a bonus, non-registered gift as long as you at least get something that the mother specifically registered for. If there is no gift registry, implore the mother to start one.

Furthermore, partnering with one or more of the other shower attendees makes it easier to get the mother the really expensive items, like cots and prams.

1. Themed Gift Baskets

If you opt to do a DIY baby shower gift set, choose a theme. For example, you can assemble a breastfeeding gift basket with a breast pump, breast milk storage containers, nipple ointment, muslin cloths, and other related items. Alternatively, you can handpick a similar set with formula if the mother is not breastfeeding.

Other themes that work well are: 
Nappies/changing items
Baby hygiene/bath items
Bedding ensembles
Fun items: books, toys, etc.

Sets like these ensure the mother ends up with more than just the basics. For example, a lot of shower guests will bring nappies. But they might not offer a portable changing pad, rash ointment, and other important accessory items.

2. Pre-Assembled Baby Gift Box

Better yet, you can order a baby gift box that's already assembled by baby care professionals. These are even more likely to include those oh-so-important yet oft-forgotten items.

You can find baby gift boxes like this available in all the themes mentioned above and then some. Or, choose a brand the mum trusts and look for a gift box that includes this brand's products.

3. Baby Subscription Boxes

We saved the best for last: baby subscription boxes. Through a baby subscription box company, like Hillside Hampers, you can give the gift that keeps giving for a whole year.

Specifically, you arrange to have the subscription boxes start the month that the baby is due. Then, the mother gets one age/season-appropriate box each month for 12 months.

This is literally the most relevant gift you can give. And it lasts right up to the baby's first birthday gift.

Try These Great Ideas For Baby Shower Gifts

Next time someone you know has a baby shower, surprise them with the perfect gift. Try these great suggestions when shopping for baby shower gifts.

Want to learn more about Hillside Hampers subscription boxes? Then click here to read our FAQs.

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