What should I buy for a newborn baby?

What should I buy for a newborn baby?

Buying newborn baby gifts can be tricky. There are so many choices out there, from toys to clothes. What should you get them? Buying presents for new parents can be stressful. You can choose between practical items like nappies or cute clothing. If you want something unique, you might go through several stores before finding exactly what you want. There are some practical gifts that every parent wants for their child.

If you are wondering what baby essentials you could purchase as gifts, here are a few top newborn items:

baby beabie and matching blue onsie

Any of the above gifts would be welcomed gifts for either a baby shower or a newborn baby gift. You can find some of these simple, yet practical baby gifts locally or even online. 

Additionally, if you are looking for a gift for a baby boy or girl that is a little different, then we have some great gift ideas for baby boys and girls below.

Gift Cards

Purchasing a gift card as a baby shower gift or newborn baby gift is an easy way to give them their personalised present. They can use it at any time throughout their life, which makes it a great choice if you're not quite sure what to get them yet.

If the parents-to-be are having trouble deciding on a gift then why not let them choose something close to their heart? A voucher code will allow them to pick and choose exactly what they want, making this one of the best gifts for new mums and dads. In short, vouchers make choosing easier.

Whether you’re looking for a present for your upcoming baby shower gift or for a newborn baby that is already on the earth side, a wide range of vouchers is available to suit both occasions.

To get you started, here are some ideas for baby digital gift cards. Some gift cards even allow you to add your custom gift card messages.

DIY baby gift hamper

if you are leaning towards a gift hamper and would like a DIY approach we have some hints and tips.

There are no rules to say how many items should go into a baby gift hamper. You could put anything in there. But we do think it’s important to include items that babies will enjoy and learn from. So we’ve created some suggestions based on our experience.

Firstly, you need to set your budget for your newborn baby gift, and set your expectations for that budget. You can spend as little or as much as you want, but if you’re going to be giving this as a gift, then you might want to consider the cost of the item(s) you choose. If you’re looking at spending under $50, then you probably won’t find many luxurious toys that fit that price range. However, if you are happy to shop for some bargains, you can pick some great baby gifts within the price bracket.

What to put in a baby girl hamper?

A baby girl hamper can contain an endless amount of goodies. If you want to create your very own luxury baby gift box, here are some ideas that might help.

  • A baby beanie - a useful newborn gift for winter.
  • Baby singlet - you can never have enough.
  • Organic Growsuit - A must-have that is normally worn all year round.
  • Teether - keep those little teething pains at bay with a silicone baby teether.
  • Book - lovely keepsake as well as being educational and able to be handed down to siblings.
  • Cuddle toy - something soft and comforting

What to put in a baby boy hamper?

  • A beautiful wrap or blanket – something soft and cozy for a newborn baby girl.
  • Organic cotton growsuit - These are ideal for babies who are just starting in life. They come in many different colors and patterns and are very easy to wash.
  • Blue satin ribbon – This is a classic way to tie up a present and it adds a touch of elegance to a gift hamper.
  • My First Baby Shoes – These adorable shoes are super cute and make a wonderful gift for a newborn baby boy!
  • Soft baby socks – Socks are important for keeping feet warm and comfortable during those early months.

How do I present a baby gift hamper?

You can pop everything in a luxury box, basket, or even a laundry basket that can be reused for all those baby clothes on the way to the laundry. You could also wrap the items individually and put them into a bag. The most important thing is to make sure that it's something you would like to receive yourself!

I would like to gift a baby hamper, but don't have time

For a truly thoughtful gift, why not consider a gift hamper containing everything needed to start a baby's life? Luxury gift hampers contain things like baby clothes, baby wipes, toys, growsuits, teethers, books, and much more. Australia’s best baby gift hamper specialists, Hillside Hampers, have the perfect baby gift hamper for a baby boy or girl, as well as include some special gifts just for mum.

Quality matters when choosing products for babies. When selecting products for a baby gift, you want to pick the best quality products that are affordable and suitable for the age group. You should select the best product range that you can afford. This way, you won’t regret spending money on high-quality products.

You should also consider what type of products you plan on purchasing. For example, if you’re looking for baby clothes, you might want to purchase a variety of different brands and types – such as cotton, wool, and bamboo. If you’re buying cloth nappies, you might want to opt for eco-friendly options.

Buying baby gift hampers online allows you to purchase premium baby products delivered straight to your door, ready to gift, or even directly to your loved one. Every product inside our baby hampers is chosen carefully to ensure it meets our strict criteria. This includes safety standards, environmental impact, quality, and comfort.

Hillside Hampers work closely with some of the most trusted names in the industry, like Snuggle Hunny Kids, Moogoo, Jellystone Designs, Jiggle & Giggle, BathRehab, and many more. All of these companies produce safe, high-quality, sustainable products that are suitable for babies and mum.

These baby hampers are designed to help make life easier for new parents, especially those with newborn babies. They provide everything a parent needs to take care of their little bundle of joy - from skincare to clothing.

Inside our baby hampers, you'll find essential baby items such as singlets and grow suits, but also more unique gift items to benefit the child. These include MooGoo nappy balm, shampoo, teething rings, soft shoes, warm winter beanies, and keepsake toys - things that will make the recipient feel loved and special.

If you are not a shopper, or just don't want to deal with the whole gifting process, head to Hillside Hampers and they deliver a baby hamper directly to your new parents and baby, they even include a handwritten card from you!

White baby gift hamper

I don't have time to shop for a baby gift in person.

For those busy people or those who just hate to shop, buying online could be a good option. Clicking a few buttons from the comforts of your home is not only saving you time, but it also offers endless options of small Australian businesses that can help you out, and you're supporting a local family and communities.

I love Truly Amor and it is a beautiful luxury baby gift. A lovely, exceptional equality baby journal is perfect for those who would like to spend a bit extra, and the quality is obvious. This would be my go-to for buying one item that is super special, and has the advantage of being available online, and did I mention supporting an all-Australian business?

I am on a serious budget, what else can I purchase for a newborn baby?

You can find some beautiful little gifts for a baby such as a onesie, books, or even a little keepsake for a minimal cost. A soft baby brush, bath toys, baby towels, board books, playmat, or even a money box can be picked up for a minimal cost at Kmart, Big W, or Target.

Gifts for Mum

Sometimes we get all wrapped up in the newborn baby and forget to pamper the new mum. A new mum, especially a first-time mum can become a little overwhelmed with the huge changes to day-to-day life as well as running on very little sleep. It would be a nice addition to a gift if you pop in something for the mother as well if your budget allows for it. Some gifts for a new mum can include:

bath soak for new mum by BathRehab









If you know that she is breastfeeding, some handy gifts could also include

moogoo baby travel pack

Don't settle for the first gift your find

There are many reasons why you might want to shop around for your next gift. You could be looking for something specific, like a nappy bag, or maybe you're just browsing for ideas. Either way, you'll want to look carefully at each option to see what makes it stand out.

While it can be tempting to pick the first baby gift you find, it's not always a good idea. If you're shopping online, you may end up paying a little extra for the convenience of not having to head to the shops in person. think that you're saving money because you don't have to pay delivery fees. But, in reality, you're paying more. This is because you're being charged for shipping even though you've already paid for the item itself. So, while you're trying to save some cash, you're spending more.

If you're shopping in person, you still have to consider how much the store charges for delivery. Some stores charge extra for delivery, especially if you live far away. And, if you buy multiple items, you'll likely end up paying for several deliveries. Plus, you won't know exactly how much the items cost until you check the price tag.

There will be times when a particular hamper stands out, and you can write it down to compare it against other types. For example, if you notice that one hamper costs $200 less than another, you'd probably want to give it a second thought. However, you can also use this information to help you decide whether or not to purchase something else. Maybe you love the color scheme of the first hamper, but it doesn't match anything else in your home. Or, perhaps you've been eyeing a certain type of hamper for weeks now, but you haven't found it anywhere. In these cases, you may want to keep searching.

See what other options are available, and make a decision after reviewing a large selection. Whether you're buying online or in person, you'll want to take a closer look at every option to see what makes them unique.

Exceptional Customer Service

The best thing about buying gifts for others is the fact that it's not only fun but also rewarding. It gives you the chance to show off your creativity and make someone else happy. However, if you want to give the perfect gift, then there are certain things that you need to keep in mind. When you are thinking about purchasing a gift from a business, good quality, personalised, responsive, and helpful services aren't just a way to save money; they're an integral component of every successful business. Ensure you are spending your hard-earned money with a business that treats you well!

In fact, according to research from Forrester Consulting, "97% of consumers say they are willing to pay more for better customer service." So why do so many companies fail to deliver great customer service? And what does exceptional customer service look like?

The answer lies in understanding how customers interact with brands today. Today, people don't buy products or services. Instead, they purchase experiences. As such, customer service needs to be viewed holistically. It's not just about answering questions or resolving issues. Customer service must encompass everything from email communications to social media interactions to product demonstrations.

Spend your money wisely when buying gifts for others. Make sure you buy from a company that provides excellent customer service.

Happy Shopping!

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