How To Create A Perfect Newborn Baby Hamper?

How To Create A Perfect Newborn Baby Hamper?

What to consider when creating a baby hamper 

When you are thinking about creating the perfect newborn hamper, or even a baby shower gift, it is important to consider what sort of things they will need during the early stages of their lives. Many items could be included in a baby hamper, from the essentials to the luxury and uniqueness. Creating your baby gift hamper allows you to add your personal touch. You can create the perfect gift, including as much or as little as your budget allows. A custom hamper is perfect because it allows you to choose exactly what you want to give your baby. You can purchase items individually or mix and match different products to create a unique gift. For example, you could include a changing pad, burp cloths, washcloths, socks, bibs, hats, blankets, clothing, toys, books, and even some luxury pampering items for mum. To ensure that your gift is perfect for the new parents as well as the baby, here are some tips.

1. Create a List

Once you've chosen the newborn baby gifts you want to include in your hamper, write down each item and its corresponding price. This way, you'll always know how much you spent on each item and whether you saved money by buying certain items together.

Gift To Do LIST

2. Choose something practical

If you are looking for a practical gift, then you should choose items such as clothing, cot bedding, waterproof change mat, bibs, and blankets if it is a winter baby. If you are choosing clothes, ensure that you choose appropriate outfits for the current season. A bodysuit is a popular choice and is handy during the warmer months and growsuits are for the cooler months. Little ones grow quickly so a variety of sizes will be helpful for new parents.

Baby clothing and rattle

3. Think about what the parents will like

You don’t want to give a parent a gift that they won’t appreciate. If you know that they already have clothing and toy overload, try and think of more useful items, such as a gift voucher, or even contact some friends and band together to purchase a big ticket item such as a baby carrier, cot, or car seat. 

4. Think about the baby

There are lots of special gifts that you can put into a newborn hamper, just for the baby. A keepsake is often added and can be as simple as a baby's first hairbrush. If you are looking at including a keepsake, ensure it is of quality and something that will stand the test of time. Teethers, soft plush toys, and books are an ideal addition to any baby gift hamper.

Baby Book

5. Choose Your Items Carefully

The first step is choosing the items you want to add to your hamper. Make sure you know exactly what you're giving your baby. Is it something you use every day? Do you already have similar items in your home? Will your baby enjoy playing with it? These questions will help you narrow down your list and ensure you pick out items that will be useful to your child.

What Other Items To Put In Your Newborn Baby Hamper

  • A soft toy. Babies are mesmerized by color and texture. If you are adding a soft toy or comforter, try to include some different colors and numerous textures for the baby to feel and explore.  
  • Nappy changing kit. This includes everything you need to change a nappy, including wipes and nappy cream.
  • Nappy bag. If you’re going to be out and about, a nappy bag is going to join you.
  • Book. Board books are more suitable for a baby and less likely to get damaged. Pop a little personal note on the inside.
  • Thermometer. This is something that often gets forgotten about, yet is a necessity. 
  • Baby lotions and products. Babies love getting massaged and it is a lovely bonding opportunity for parents. 
  • Baby wipes and nappies
  • Bath toys

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Mum gifts

Unfortunately, mum can often be forgotten about. Everyone comes to visit and gives gifts to the baby, but what about mum? 

Here are some nice additions to any hamper for mum

  • Bath soaks
  • Chocolates. 
  • Water bottle. Very handy for a breastfeeding mum. It is thirsty work!
  • Flowers
  • Skincare products. It is common with hormonal changes to have dry skin. 
  • Luxury tea

bath soak


The term "sibling rivalry" comes to mind when any new additions to a family. Sometimes a sibling can feel left out and have a hard time adjusting to the attention being on a new baby. While it's normal for siblings to feel this way, you can help by including something special in a hamper for them. 

A book about becoming a big brother or sister can be a relatively cheap option and makes them feel included. This is something easy and quiet for a mother to read to siblings while feeding the newborn or just having some quiet time. Crayons, coloring pencils, and books can also be easily purchased.  

A toy baby can also be helpful for a sibling so they can play along with mum with feeding, putting the baby to sleep, and giving cuddles. 

Gift Card Messages 

Gift messages can melt someone's heart and are often kept and treasured for years to come. Be sure to make it personal and meaningful. Some simple baby wishes could be

  • Congratulations on the newest addition to your family. Wishing you all many happy memories.
  • Congratulations! We're beyond excited for both of you.
  • I can't believe she/he is finally here. Congratulations on the little bundle of joy you have created. 

Keeping in mind that these cards and messages are more than likely going to be kept in a special memory box, ensure you choose a beautiful card to match the lovely message. 

How to wrap a baby hamper

You have a few options for wrapping but the presentation is of the highest importance. You have created the perfect baby gift, so keep the presentation to the highest standard. 

A decorative metal or cane basket, filled with paper shredding with all the gifts placed neatly on top and wrapped in cellophane is a simple way to present the hamper. You can add a pink or blue ribbon around the gathered end of the cellophane and neatly tie a bow.  

If you have some huge items that just won't fit, consider purchasing a laundry hamper to place your gifts into. It will also double as an extra gift and will come in handy with all the newborn washing that is about to appear. 

A square or rectangular box can present more elegant than a basket. Be sure to pick something that is not too bulky. Place some tissue paper inside the box and once again, you can use a filler at the bottom if needed, pop all your gifts into the box and gather the two sides of tissue paper until they join. You can secure it with a little clear tape. Wrap a ribbon around it and tie a bow on top. 

When using ribbon, any silk-type ribbon can be difficult to work with and it won't keep the lovely upright bow. Goosegrain ribbon is much thicker, easier to wrap with, and presents better.  

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Nicole Watt

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